Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring
Timber is the gift from nature. After hundreds of years growth, the finest Australian native timber timbers are selected, dried, polished and coated with an eco-friendly paint. With a durable and smooth surface finish, our pre-finished hardwood flooring adds a unique appeal to your home with warmth and beauty.
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Lucky Floor is an Australian-owned and run hardwood flooring company that has been in operation for years, which we consider to be quite an accomplishment. The reason this all works is because we all share a variety of values, the most important of which is that we all like assisting others. With a vast family to look after and employees who are part of the Freedom family, it's all about the big picture and looking out for one another, as well as, of course, our clients.

Australian timber is world class and hard to beat. Using them for your hardwood flooring makes sense because it is tougher, durable and also healthier and natural. Hardwood floors can be installed without any hassle and if maintained properly, can be used for many, many years. They provide a warm and natural background to your home and a sound investment which will pay you back in spades over the years.
We believe in taking a ‘shoulder to wheel’ approach to conducting business since we just like getting things done. We are a group of ‘doers’ that want to take pleasure in what we do. With all of the stuff in common, it’s hard not to like it. Working at Lucky Floor is a delight for the upbeat group of people. We have the opportunity to alter rooms and bring your ideal houses to life, all while offering demonstrable value, which is really rewarding work.
We count our blessings to be a part of some of the incredible hardwood flooring projects with some reputed builders, architects, and designers. If we were lousy at what we do, repeat work wouldn’t be our thing, but it most surely is. Some customers have been with us for so long that they have become friends.

Now Let’s First Understand Why You Should Use Hardwood Flooring?

High Sustainability

Indisputable evidence exists that selecting hardwood flooring has environmental advantages. Timber manufacturing, processing, and disposal utilise far less energy than any other building material – this is fantastic!
Because the wood that is used originates from forests that have been maintained for years, the more trees we consume, the more trees are planted to replace them. Approximately two trees are killed for every one that is harvested, resulting in a net gain of room for future growth. Wood has three life cycles in which it may be used.
  • It is used in the production of a product.
  • The product itself has the potential to be recycled.
  • It has the potential to be utilised for energy production.
There is no other renewable material that can compete with this in terms of volume and cost-effectiveness. And as a company, Lucky floor is devoted to promoting ecologically friendly practices, both inside our organisation and with the wood flooring products we provide to our clients.

Good For Health & Well-Being

Hardwood flooring is a good health option for folks who are worried about keeping their houses at a comfortable temperature and keeping them clean for asthma and allergy sufferers.
Hardwood flooring is a heat conductor, which means it conducts heat more efficiently than other types of flooring such as carpet. This helps to keep your heating and cooling bills down. These types of flooring will, as a result, minimise temperature changes in your house simply by absorbing, storing, and dispersing heat, allowing you to save money on the cost of heating and cooling your area.
Hardwood flooring will provide you with many years of peace. You are certain that you are making an excellent decision in terms of the worth of your property and the possibility to realise your investment when it comes time to sell.

Endless Choices

There have been significant technical advancements in hardwood flooring, and there are now a greater variety of these flooring materials available than ever before, giving you more options than ever before. Consequently, for any style, from modern to classic, solid wood or high-quality prefinished and engineered materials, we are convinced that you will find something at Lucky Floor that exactly matches your notion of design and colour preferences.

High Durability

It takes a lot of effort to destroy a hardwood flooring. If you follow the manufacturer’s directions and wipe up accidents immediately, you will be able to enjoy your floor for many years to come. Your floor will neither fracture or break like tiles, nor will it become dated like carpet does.

Good Longevity

Depending on the degree of care you provide, the coating you use, traffic, parties, children, dogs, grandkids, and even more parties, your hardwood flooring should last you for the ups and downs of your life’s experience. Simply follow the care guidelines and you’ll have more years of pleasure than you would with any other sort of flooring.

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