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Our installation services focuses mainly on the greater Sydney area. Within 100km from our home base, we will consider whether we can realistically consider a project once we know the details and approximate size of the job.
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Flooring Commercial
We offer a wide range of high quality commercial flooring solutions, timber, bamboo or vinyl. Many property developers, builders, and sole traders are our loyal customers. We provide over 50,000 m2 of commercial project flooring each year.

Professional Timber Flooring Installation Experts in Sydney

Lucky Floor is a locally-owned and operated flooring installation business in Sydney. We attempt to make the flooring installation process as stress-free and joyful as possible by maintaining clear and concise communication with suppliers, trades, customers, and builders. So whenever you need hybrid flooring, engineered flooring installation or timber flooring installation services in Sydney just call us! Lucky Floor is well known for timber flooring installation services in Sydney. If you are searching the internet for flooring installation near me, Lucky Floor will pop up! In addition, we are experts in hybrid flooring installation. Excellent time management skills, as well as a commitment to deadlines, the timber flooring installation is a true passion for us, whether it be refinishing an old beat up floor and bringing it back to life, or a full service installation in a newly built house. We at Lucky Floor are completely independent and give unbiased assessments and suggestions. We aim to present you with the finest solutions for your case, not always the most costly. Everything that you look for in a flooring installation company near me, we tick all those boxes and probably some more as well. Having a professional approach and a real love for the task is something that Lucky Floor takes pride in. We provide a high level of craftsmanship and professionalism, as well as pleasant service and affordable pricing, by using the finest goods available on the market from a variety of vendors around the country. You will get clear information about what is required to accomplish your project from the moment we first meet with you, and this will continue throughout the whole process. We believe this is very essential because, once we have entered your house, you should feel comfortable and secure in us and our ability to create a beautiful outcome. Lucky Floor’s customers include some of Sydney’s most renowned architects and designers as well as well-known construction companies. Meet the leading flooring installers in Sydney at Lucky Floor and tell us your project requirements today. We cannot wait to start working on your hybrid flooring, engineered flooring or timber flooring installations in Sydney. Call us now!

What Are the Benefits of Using Timber Flooring?

Fashions come and go, but they always come back. Timber wood flooring, on the other hand, continues to be a perennial favorite among Sydney’s homeowners because of its inherent charm and beauty. A broad variety of wood is available for timber flooring installation and supply, and we can give recommendations on which type and finish options would best complement your home’s style and personality.
  • Floors made of wood timber individuality to your property.
  • Can assist you in selling your home and increasing the value of your property.
  • Timber floors are simpler to maintain and do not collect dust.
  • Because each floor is unique, this is a cost-effective choice that provides a distinctive appearance.
With timber flooring installations you can create a clean, warm, contemporary colour palette as a foundation upon which to build. The practical advantages of timber flooring are ideal for the indoor-outdoor lifestyle that people enjoy. Timber flooring is long-lasting, low-maintenance, and simple to clean, making it a better option for allergy sufferers who want to live in a cleaner atmosphere. Each species of wood has a distinct personality that allows you to build a variety of magnificent interiors for your home or place of business. It’s all about the colour. The texture is important, it’s all about the grain. The sensation you get beneath your feet. Besides, our superior timber flooring installation process at your Sydney home or office space is seamless and hassle-free. That’s what you get when you sign up with one of the leading flooring installers in Sydney. You can expect similar outcomes when you hire Lucky Floor for engineered flooring or hybrid flooring installation projects. There’s no better contractor for flooring installation near me! Call us now, and explore our services!

Preparation and Installation of Timber Floors Is Our Speciality

We Prepare The Place Before Installations

Preparation of the substrate is essential for achieving a high-quality, flat, and appealing flooring installation. This provides us with an opportunity to examine and propose any further leveling, crack filling, or ardit leveling that may be required in the future. Such level of attention that we pay towards flooring installation, makes us one of the leading flooring installers in Sydney.

We Test for Moisture

Among the most common causes of flooring failure, moisture is the most significant. Either the water is too wet or the water is too dry. Lucky Floor takes the issue of moisture very seriously. During the preparation step, we moisture test all of the substrates and continue as needed. There are no exceptions when it comes to moisture concrete substrates.


The flooring installation we do may be done over a number of substrates including concrete, strand board, joists, and even over existing flooring. Be it engineered flooring installation, hybrid flooring installation or timber flooring installation in Sydney. You can count on the expertise of Lucky Floor!

We’re Here to Help!

In addition to timber flooring installation for residential projects, we have completed commercial projects for pubs and restaurants across the Sydney region. Give us a call now at 02 8710 9046 if you need impartial and honest counsel on your current or future endeavour. You may also reach us at info@luckyflooring.com.au
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