Aquatimes Spc Flooring
Hybrid flooring is an innovative new type of flooring that can endure the harshest of Australian climates. Inspired by the natural elements, AQUATIMES SPC flooring offers the visual appeal of natural beautiful timber in a waterproof and extremely durable hybrid flooring. Each board attached 5 Star Acoustic Rating IXPE form layer, also available in multiple colours and sizes.
AQUATIMES 6.5mm Classic SPC Flooring
Provence Smoke
Oak Ragstone
Oak Natural
Elite Grey
Black Island
Autumn Light
AQUATIMES 6.5mm Premium SPC Flooring
Walnut Stone
Uno Oak
Smokey Grey
Jade Oak
Ash Bleached
AQUATIMES 7.5mm SPC Flooring
Spotted Gum
Grey Oak
AQUATIMES 9.5mm SPC Flooring
Caramel Oak
Spotted Gum
Grey Oak
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Sydney’s Hybrid SPC Flooring Installers and Suppliers

Introducing the next generation of hybrid flooring which is Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) from Lucky Floor - the leading hybrid flooring suppliers around! It consists of a stiff core of high-precision extruded goods, which is covered with a fused top layer and an IXPE acoustic underlay backer layer for sound absorption. SPC flooring is the most up-to-date generation of interior flooring materials with excellent characteristics including great stability and efficiency, 100 percent waterproofing, a high-density solid core, and shrinkage resistance, to name a few. Hybrid flooring is a mix of vinyl and laminate flooring giving it the benefits of both materials. Because of its waterproof qualities and strength, hybrid flooring can be used in all interior area, making it a very versatile product. There are a variety of colours and designs to suit your tastes and it is also an affordable alternative to hardwood flooring. And at Lucky Floor, we have a huge range of floating floorboards for sale in Sydney. Hybrid flooring is made up of numerous layers of materials that have been mashed together to create an incredibly hard wearing surface. Our SPC flooring may be simply put on a number of surfaces, including existing vinyl or concrete floors. SPC is fully free of formaldehyde and employs only environmentally friendly components for residential and commercial systems, respectively. Check out our range of cheap hybrid flooring products today.

What Makes Lucky Floors a Cut Above the Rest in the Industry?

At Lucky Floor you get to choose from a variety of ergonomic non-slip natural timber looks and typical wood grain colours for your hybrid flooring projects in Sydney. Our SPC flooring is a fire-resistant flooring alternative that is free of formaldehyde and is suitable for use in home and indoor public areas. It has a pleasant look, and is simple to install on a limited budget. It is a reasonable alternative to bamboo for purposes such as bathrooms, basement, kitchen, and laundry rooms since these are completely waterproof hybrid flooring. Besides offering an amazing and popular hybrid SPC flooring choices, Lucky Floor also provides a visually-appealing and reasonably priced flooring alternative. After all, we’re the leading hybrid flooring suppliers around! We supply, and install hybrid SPC flooring which can be put on nearly any foundation and, when combined with specially developed underlayment, provides the best performance possible. Underlay help to boost soundproofing while also providing the most comfortable walking surface possible. So, check our cheap hybrid flooring products today for big savings. We cannot wait to show you the finest floating floorboards in Sydney so visit our website or store today!

What Are the Benefits of Installing SPC Floorings?


Other floorings that claim to be waterproof but are really simply water-resistant are not true waterproof products. But Lucky Floor’s hybrid SPC flooring is truly waterproof from the bottom acoustic padding to the topmost UV Coating Layer, and every layer in between is completely waterproof. We are able to do this because our flooring is an SPC product that is packed with stone dust rather than wood or bamboo, and so has almost no material that absorbs water.


Being the leading hybrid flooring suppliers, we give our clients the option to even install their own floorings, since these installations do not need the use of specialists in some cases. However, if you’re stuck anywhere then Lucky Floor is always there for you. Give us a call, and we’ll show you some fantastic cheap hybrid flooring products for your home!


Lucky Floor’s hybrid SPC flooring has a good fire resistance. Our flooring is secure and to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. The top layer of the floorboards has a fire retardant coating that resists the spread of fire. We only supply long-lasting floating floorboards in Sydney that are resistant to fire, water, scratches, and ultraviolet light.

Scratch & Fade Resistant

Lucky Floor’s hybrid SPC flooring is protected against scratches and sunlight fading. We selected the best UV coating apply to surface. SPC vinyl core ensures that it retains its structural integrity even when subjected to exceptionally high weight. In addition, our product is intended to resist the temperature extremes of every season and requires no acclamation time, making an already simple installation much simpler.

Non-slip Surface and Pet-friendly Design

Lucky Floor recognizes that our four-legged companions are an important part of the family, which is why we handpick our products with them in mind. Our hybrid SPC floorings are all pet-friendly and resistant to scratching and muck. It is also devoid of harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde, and is environmentally friendly.

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