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Laminate flooring is a type of multilayered flooring system, coming together as a beautiful, cohesive plank. It’s the best choice when you are looking for flooring with high-performance, realistic wood visuals but at an affordable price. It has strong resistance to stains and scratches making it suitable for different rooms in homes or businesses.
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Lucky Floor is one of the most renowned laminate flooring experts in the Sydney region. Our specialists can assist you in coordinating your flooring with the rest of your home's decor and will give you free comprehensive estimates. We provide you all the details that will include specifics such as the location of any suggested seams or joints in your new carpet - since we believe that getting the details right is essential to having the job done correctly. Because of our scale, we have significant purchasing power, which enables us to give our customers with the cheap laminate flooring possible price and service across Sydney. We promise that you will not find a better deal on the same goods anywhere. ucky Floor’s staff and installation crew have a thorough understanding of the Australian flooring industry regulations. We promise that all of our work will meet or exceed all applicable Australian Standards and best trade practices, in order to achieve total client satisfaction with our services.

What Are Some of the Upsides of Installing Laminate Flooring?

Laminated flooring is a synthetic flooring product that is made up of numerous core layers of hardwearing, high-density fibreboard that is designed to look like wooden planks, with a realistic wood photo layer behind a transparent protection layer to give it a wood-like appearance. Because of today's modern technology, the finest laminate flooring can be manufactured to appear just like genuine wood, and they are available in a broad choice of textures, styles, and stains to match any decor. And even some of our laminate flooring collections have even been embossed with the texture of grains and knots, giving them the appearance and feel of genuine wood.
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  • A wood floor's natural beauty is admired by many, but not everyone can afford the high price tag that comes with it. But Lucky Floor’s laminate flooring gives you the same appearance of hardwood flooring at a fraction of the cost of genuine hardwood flooring.
  • Laminate is a fantastic option for family homes since it is scratch, fade, dent, and stain resistant, as well as sanitary, simple to clean, and low maintenance.
  • Laminate floorings are floating flooring, as opposed to solid wood floors. This is because they are spread loosely over a moisture-resistant underlay, and there is no precise substrate on which they must be installed. And they may be installed over existing floors as long as the subfloor is level, dry, clean, and sturdy.
  • The planks of laminate are joined together by clicking or snapping them together. This allows for a fast and easy installation that may be completed by the homeowner.
  • High traffic areas of the house, such as kitchens, living rooms, entryway, and hallways, are suitable for laminate flooring installation. It is particularly beneficial in situations where there is a lot of indoor-outdoor movement since it allows for less debris to be dragged inside the building than if carpet were installed.
Why Should You Work With Lucky Floor For Your Flooring Needs?

Lucky Floor’s high quality laminate floorings are generally backed by a home wear guarantee from the manufacturer. Laminated flooring, when placed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's directions, may survive for many years, much longer than the usual amount of time that homeowners spend in a house before moving.

There are many benefits in installing laminate flooring in your home. It is pretty affordable compared to hardwood and can be easily installed. In addition, laminate flooring is ideal for families with children and pets because it is virtually scratch proof and any spills or marks can be wiped clean with a soft cloth or wet mop. You can even vacuum or sweep it. Importantly, laminate flooring can look identical to timber ones giving you that special finish.

All that is required to maintain your laminate floors looking their best is regular sweeping with a microfiber mop or soft indoor broom and the occasional once-over with a wet mop. Furthermore, there is no need for sanding, oiling, lacquering, or resurfacing of the floor. For people who live in a busy family or want a property that requires little upkeep, laminate is an excellent choice.

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