Explore Floor Options For Home Remodeling

Every room begins with a flooring foundation that sets the stylistic tone for the furniture and decor. If you want to transform the look and feel inside your residence or commercial property, explore the many options in and around Sydney at Lucky Floor Pty Ltd. We specialize in both natural and manufactured flooring in a wide variety of styles and color options. Best of all, we do so with affordable prices, efficient installation, and a firm dedication to customer satisfaction above all else.

Timber Flooring

Choose hardwood timber flooring to make a sound investment in your home. A variety of gleaming wood tones add warmth and style to your living spaces. Wooden floors last an exceptionally long time and can even increase property value. When it comes to flooring options, hardwood timber is the gold standard for homes and businesses. After the quick installation process, it is ready to go. We sand and polish off-site to make the installs faster and minimize dust and debris on your property.

Bamboo Flooring

A sturdy and sustainable option for your remodeling or installation project is bamboo flooring. This attractive natural product comes in a variety of finish types, is naturally water resistant, and offers unique grain and style options. The bamboo options offered at Lucky Floor are manufactured with strand woven bamboo fibers. This process delivers exceptionally high-density flooring that can last virtually forever and resists scrapes, scratches, and dings.

Laminate Flooring

If you want to the look of hardwood but have a smaller budget, laminate flooring installation offers a wealth of design options without sacrificing quality. This durable type of flooring combines natural style and realistic wood grain with layers of protection, water resistance, and more suitable for your busy lifestyle. It needs less maintenance and cleaning than a hardwood timber and bamboo, as well.

Vinyl Flooring

Today’s vinyl flooring is nothing like the ugly linoleum in your grandmother’s kitchen. These high-quality, luxury tiles and sheets offer budget-friendly convenience without sacrificing style. In fact, you can enjoy an even wider variety of faux wood finishes than you can with other materials. This type of flooring installs easily, is generally low maintenance, and can last quite a long time. It works well for both residential and commercial applications.

Why Choose Lucky Flooring

For new floors in and around Sydney, Lucky Floor Pty Ltd offers an exceptional selection of timber, bamboo, laminate, vinyl, and more that goes beyond quality materials. Not only do we carry a huge stock of different options for the discerning residential or commercial property owner, but we also offer guaranteed top-quality service from the first contact to the final walk-through.

Our goal is your satisfaction. The Lucky Floor installation team is part of the overall company, so we control the quality of service every step of the way. You do not have to worry about unknown subcontractors walking through your home or other property. You get the peace of mind of knowing that every installer has been carefully vetted for maximum knowledge, skill, experience, and integrity.